My notes and guides for various things, mostly computer related.

by William Gilpin

Programming tutorials and numerical techniques

Speed up Python using Cython/external C++ libraries

Structure, distribute, and test an open-source Python project

Maintain a local Python package

Distributing a Python package using PyPI

Maintain documentation for a project using sphinx

Install and run Sundials

Getting started with C++

Installing and virtualizing using Miniconda

Install and use Python 3 on macOS

Use and maintain virtualenv

Alter settings for Terminal on macOS

Computer and applications guides

Manage large amounts of data

Host a Markdown website with Couscous

Connect to local Windows servers

Using git and GitHub

Using Google Cloud to run a Python project online

Schedule jobs using an SSH connection

Install and compile OpenCV

Install and run Python on Windows

Use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows

Configure Sublime Text

Vector trace an image using Adobe Illustrator

Host a simple website using GitHub pages and Jekyll

Miscellaneous computer scripts and tricks

macOS bugs and workarounds

Windows bugs and workarounds

Restart servers in Stanford’s SOE IT Dept

Use Stanford’s Sherlock HPP Cluster

Shortcuts for working with images and videos in FFMPEG

General professional

Graduate fellowships and funding

Postdoc fellowships

Other projects

Roasting coffee