Postdoc positions and fellowships

Organized by fellowship type, and then roughly chronologically by due date in 2018. All dates and descriptions are all from 2018, and have likely changed by now.

Portable fellowships

eFellows (Engineering Fellows)

  • Need to have a potential postdoc advisor named

McDonnell foundation fellowship

  • Usually due in early June
  • Complex Systems, very broadly defined (examples include immunology, etc)

Branco Weiss

  • Need to hold PhD by the application date (January 15)

Intelligence Community Fellowship

  • January 8

Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust for finishing PhD research

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Due January 31

California Alliance

  • Many large CA schools
  • Caltech Due January 15, all others due in June
  • Need to have a potential postdoc advisor named

Schmidt fellows

  • 100k for 1 year, renewable for one more year
  • Nomination in August, must be selected through an internal university process with an earlier deadline
  • Must have completed PhD less than a year earlier, or be right about to complete it


Whitehead fellows program

  • rolling nomination process

Harvard Junior Fellows

  • Nominations due August 10 at the latest
  • Both nominations and the final application have to be snail mail

Harvard Swartz center for brain science

Harvard Simons Mathbio center

  • due September 21st, 2018
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Proposal (up to 5 pages)
  • Summary of previous research accomplishments

2018 Princeton/CUNY Center Fellows Competition

  • September 15, will contact references after application

Berkeley Miller Fellowships

  • need a named host
  • Nominations due September 10

LBL Luis Alvarez Fellowship in Computing Sciences at LBL

  • Due in November

Cornell presidential fellows October 1

MIT Pappalardo / PLS

  • Nominations due in September 10
  • Letters/application due October 4

Center for mind, brains, etc at MIT

  • Likely need a named host

Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

  • October 15

Princeton Dicke fellows

  • Experimental sciences

NSF Postdoctoral fellowships in Biology and Mathematics

  • October 17
  • Need a carefully-formatted research proposal, as well as a non-private letter from a named mentor

SFI fellowships

  • Due end of October
  • Statement of research interests (max. 2 pages) including a short description of the research you would like to pursue and why. 
  • Description of interest in SFI (max. 1 page) that describes your potential contribution to the SFI community and also explains the potential impact of SFI on your research. Consider addressing one or more of the following: What kind of input from other fields would most improve your future research? What type of multidisciplinary workshop might you want to organize during your Fellowship? What aspects of your present or future research are difficult to pursue in a traditional academic environment? 
  • Three letters of recommendation from scholars who know your work. (The letters should be sent independently of the application. When you complete the online application, please be prepared to provide e-mail addresses of the three individuals who will recommend you. SFI will contact them directly with instructions for submitting letters.) 

Luis Alvarez Postdoctoral fellow at LBL

  • November 2
  • Requires: CV/Resume, Cover Letter, Research Statement, Publications List

Truman fellowship at Sandia national labs

  • November 1

John Von Neumann fellowship at Sandia


Caltech Burke Fellows

  • due in November 15
  • Theoretical physics

KITP / UCSB due in November 18

  • Cover Letter(s) (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Statement
  • Publication List
  • Three Reference Letters (to be submitted by the reference writers at this site 

Fellows at the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology:

  • November 30
  • Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, a research statement and three letters of recommendation by November 30, 2018

John Harvard Fellows

  • Due November 31


  • DOLCIT, CMI, Von Karman Postdoctoral Fellowship: December 1-15, 2018
  • A CV, a Research Statement, and three reference letters (up to a maximum of five) are required. A cover letter and a Teaching Statement are optional.

MIT Math Instructorship

  • December 1, 2018

Ford Fellowship

  • Due December 6

Institute for Advanced Studies

  • See special instructions for biophysics
  • November 15

Harvard Data Science Fellows

  • Due December 4
  • A cover letter that identifies up to five (and at least two) Harvard faculty members with whom the applicant would like to work.
  •  A statement of research interests of up to three pages that succinctly describes the applicant’s research interests. The statement should explain the importance and potential impact of this research.  
  • Names and contact information for at least two and up to five references (the application is complete only when all letters of reference have been submitted). Referees will be provided with a link to the submission portal. 

Harvard Rubin Theoretical CS fellowship

  • Due December 3
  • Required application documents include a cover letter, cv, a statement of research interests, and up to three representative papers. Candidates are also required to submit the names and contact information for at least three and up to five references, and the application is complete only when three letters have been submitted.
  • Applicants for the CRCS Postdoctoral Fellowship should describe what appeals to you about joining CRCS and describe how you would contribute to the existing community in your cover letter.

Simons Computing Fellow

  • Short-term “visiting” fellowships
  • Due in December

UCSF Sandler fellows

  • 5-year faculty transition program
  • Due March 5
  • Focus on biomedicine

Princeton Lewis Sigler fellows


Harvard George F. Carrier Fellowship

  • Deadline in mid-fall


  • Computer science
  • Due December

Harvard IACS Fellow

  • Due in December or May the year before

Broad institute fellows


Rowland fellows

  • Due August

Sackler fellow at University of Washington


EMBO Long-term fellows

  • Due in February and August

Oxford fellowships


Corporate research positions

Google DeepMind

  • October 30

Google Brain Residency

  • Due in early January

DE Shaw research

  • Computational biophysics

Facebook Research

  • rolling

LBL: Lawrence Berkeley postdoctoral fellows in applied mathematics


Genentech has applied math postdoc positions

  • rolling


  • rolling

Microsoft Research


Microsoft AI Residency


IBM Goldstine Fellowship (Yorktown)