Installing OpenCV on OSX Yosemite (with Static Libraries)

Follow the instructions here These are also great instructions


Unzip it and add the folders SharedLibs and StaticLibs within the repository

Download opencv from the source website

Install the OSX program CMAKE


  • Add the OpenCV repository as the source
  • Add the SharedLibs Folder as the build
  • Click Configure
  • Select Unix-Makefile and hit “okay”

In the red output that appears: Uncheck BUILD_SHARED_LIBS Uncheck BUILD_TESTS For the variable CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT, add the SDK path (check in Terminal that this folder still exists) “/Applications/”. Add x86_64 to CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES, this tells it to compile against the current system Uncheck WITH_1394 Uncheck WITH_FFMPEG

Now navigate to the StaticLibs folder and make: $ cd <path/to/your/opencv/staticlibs/folder/> $ make (This will take awhile) $ sudo make install