Installing Sundials and using it with Python on macOS

Make sure that XCode with command-line tools has been installed and working

Install SUNDIALS. This must be the exact version specified by scikits.odes documentation

  • Put this in /usr/local/
  • Need to manually make some directories
  • I also checked the command-line building instructions included as a PDF with the download

    mkdir build-sundials-2.7.0 mkdir install-sundials-2.7.0 cd build-sundials-2.7.0/ cmake -DLAPACK_ENABLE=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install-sundials-2.7.0/ ../sundials-2.7.0/ make install

Now make sure that you have the sundials path properly specified as an environment variable SUNDIALS_INST

export SUNDIALS_INST=$PATH:~/install-sundials-2.7.0

If you mess this up, run unset $SUNDIALS_INST

Now install scikits-odes

pip install scikits.odes