Python on Windows

Without another installed shell

Install Anaconda from the .exe installer available on the Anaconda website

Use the included Anaconda shell

Update the installed version

> conda update --all

Change to to data drive on Windows

> D:\William

Change directories on drive

> cd code

Activate conda env

> activate py3env

Using git bash (current preferred method)

Try the instructions here:

We ran into some issues with Anaconda, where the solution was to manually put the environment on the path:!topic/anaconda/VxL6QmcKgv4

Using Cygwin

Download and install the full Cygwin suite

Open up the Cygwin Terminal

Go to the drive of interest. For the ā€œC:ā€ drive:

$ cd /cygdrive/C

To run a program in the shell, make sure to use the ā€œ-iā€ flag

$ python -i

Using MinGW and msys

msys is a bash shell, but you have to add Anaconda to the path by creating a .bashrc or .bashprofile in the home directory (wherever the shell starts you out when if first opens). Note: there is a later version, msys2, that may have more active development

  • Install MinGW
  • Install msys
    • edit msys apearance by right clicking the top bar of an open shell window
  • Install Emacs for Windows:
    • Download 7zip archive from SourceForge and right click to extract with 7zip
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