Funding Graduate research

These are my notes on graduate fellowships from graduate school, 2014 – 2019. Most of the info and dates is likely out-of-date, but hopefully these are useful nonetheless.

A useful, externally-maintained database

Other good lists here and here

The Open Philanthrophy AI PhD Fellowship

  • Info here
  • “long-term, large-scale impacts of AI a central focus of their research”
  • “$40,000 stipend, $10,000 in research support, and payment of tuition and fees, each year, starting in the year of their selection until the end of the 5th year of their PhD.”

Gilliam HHMI fellowship:

  • Can only apply after exhausting NSF fellowship support
  • No outside work/funding allowed
  • Advisor has to have some sort of NIH grant

Hertz Fellowship

  • Relatively low acceptance rate
  • Large number of essays required

Leakey foundation:

  • Info here
  • ($3000-15000) for human origins research with itemized budget
  • Deadlines July 15 and January 5

ASM Robert D. Watkins Gradaute Research Fellowship

  • May 1
  • Cannot be done concurrently with NSF or NDSEG
  • Can defer NSF if necessary

Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust for finishing PhD research

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Due January 31

Welder Wildlife fellowship

  • need budget
  • October 1

After candidacy:

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship:

  • “The fellow cannot hold a comparable award as a source of supplementation.

Ford foundation predoctoral fellowship:

  • Individuals who require a minimum of three years study to complete their Ph.D./Sc.D. degree as of the 2016 fall semester,
  • Cannot hold multiple Fellowships simultaneously

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program (oceanographic)

  • Focus specifically on issues of marine sanctuary conservation

Oregan Sea Grant (pop dynamics)

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships Program (NESSF) (Includes planetary science)

  • “Improve our understanding of the origin and evolution of life on Earth to guide our search for life elsewhere.””


  • currently on hold

National Research Council Awards

Research grants

MASNA: June 17

  • info here
  • primarily focused on aquarium-related work
  • “In 750 words or less, discuss your educational career goals, community involvement, and the qualities of character and leadership important to achieving your goals.”
  • “Highlight your personal accomplishments, achievements and experiences that have given you considerable satisfaction and have helped to form your character. In particular, note any involvement in a local marine aquarium club and/or participation in any marine field activities.”
  • “Please include information about any aquariums that you have cared for or owned. Additionally, please explain what a difference receiving this scholarship would mean in your life, how you will be financing your college education and how this scholarship will impact your plans.”

Siebel Scholars

  • Final year of dissertation
  • Specific departments only
  • info

Myers Marine trust

Nat Geo Waitts grant

Nat Geo Young Explorers

  • Focused on enabling field work, emphasis on visualization and media (sharing results with the broader world)

Travel Grants

PLOS travel grants for physical sciences

eLife Early career travel grants

From Company of Biologists

  • 2500 GBP for collaborations


  • $1000, application opens in September


Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting:


Stanford Only

Stanford EDGE-STEM

Stanford SIGF/BioX

  • Can’t have another source of support
  • Also have $500 travel grants

Stanford Georges Lurcy Fellowship Program For Study in France