Making a Markdown website with Couscous

Date: mid-2014 Macbook Pro running OSX Yosemite.


curl -OS

This failed for me and so I had to download the file through my browser Change permissions for Couscous and move to root path

chmod +x couscous.phar
sudo mv couscous.phar /usr/local/bin/couscous

This failed because I needed to edit my php.ini file.

php -i | grep "php.ini"

found the file in /etc/. I added to it the line

date.timezone = "America/Los_Angeles"

Running couscous

Navigate to local copy of a GitHub repo containing .md files and run the following command:

couscous preview

And then visit a version of the site running at http://localhost:8000/ If you edit any of the underlying .md files, the preview version updates automatically (just refresh the page in your browser)

Using Couscous

Test the site appearance

couscous preview

Any file named gets converted to index.html. Sub-pages of the documentation are any other .md files in the directory, they can be found at http://localhost:8000/myproject/otherMDfile.html

Make sure that the directory holding the .couscous file is a functional GitHub repository. For a project with a single algorithm in multiple languages, I made a separate repository for documentaion.

Now run

couscous deploy

which sends the site to

Depending on your website hosting structure, you may need to update the ‘main’ branch as well using a standard commit in the terminal.

Now customize using a couscous.yml file in root directory